Three Desserts to Top Off Your Fourth of July Celebration
March 03, 2022

Three Desserts to Top Off Your Fourth of July Celebration

Photo and recipe from: Veggie on a Penny

"A great 4th of July celebration should never be without dessert."

– Abraham Lincoln

Wait, what?... He didn't say that? Huh, OK...well it sounds like something he would say.

Either way, they are wise words, so here are three AMAZING dessert ideas that are perfect for the warm weather with friends and family.

(made with our farm-fresh pecans, of course)

#1. Sweet and Flakey Pie and Tarts

Homemade buttery crust filled with caramelized Royalty Pecans in a rich, delicious filling enhanced with our secret ingredients.

Try our Cocoa Fudge, White Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, or our signature Royalty Pecan Pie. ...Or a combination of all of them :)

#2. Pecan Apple Streudel Bread

This handmade sweet bread is chock-full of fresh apples and Royalty Pecans and topped with a caramel glaze. So deliciously gooey and crumbly it falls apart in your hands.

Order our signature breads here

#3. Vanilla Ice Cream Topped With Candied Pecans

Ice cream is the perfect dessert to cool off a 4th of July party. Top it with our candied pecans or Royalty Pecan Praline to take it to the next level.

butter pecan ice cream

However you decide to add that special touch to your celebration this year, we hope you have a fun and safe July 4th!