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"I love the Cinnapecan flavor. I always keep them stocked in my pantry"

"Store bought pecans did not cut it! So, after asking a few friends -- two are from Texas, I discovered Royalty Pecan Farms. These are the best I have had and I will definitely keep ordering them. Thanks Royalty!"

"I've been getting Royalty Pecan halves automatically delivered for a few months now and let me tell you, these little jewels are the very best. There is simply no comparison to 'regular' grocery store pecans - not in cost, freshness, texture, and most importantly, taste! When my shipment arrives it's like Christmas!"

Family Owned

Family Owned

At Royalty Pecan Farms, we are caretakers given a responsibility to care for the land the orchard grows on. Planted in the early 1970's, The orchard has been under family stewardship since 1985.