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What's the difference in pecan varieties and which is best?

We grow ten primary pecan varieties in our orchard: Cheyenne, Choctaw, Cape Fear, GraTex, Witchita, Kanza, Desirable, Gracross, Kiowa, and Pawnee. Basically, different varieties mean different types of meats, shells, flavors, sizes, colors, etc. For example, Cheyenne pecans have small, light golden halves surrounded by a very thin shell, which makes them easy to crack and shell out. Desirable tend to be larger in size, but they also have a harder, thicker shell and are the most difficult to crack and shell by hand.

Since taste is subjective, the "best pecan variety" depends on what you like. What qualities are you looking for in a "good" pecan? Kiowa are usually the largest and have a strong nutty flavor. Choctaw and Cheyenne are our best sellers because they're the easiest to shell and have lots of sweet, healthy, pecan oil. Since everyone’s taste buds are different, the best way to become a connoisseur is to visit our farm, sample all the varieties, and choose which kind you like the best! Back to top

Do you crack other people's pecans?

Sorry, no. We only crack our own Royalty Pecans®, because we need to keep our equipment sanitary. Back to top

When is pecan harvest season?

Harvest time depends on when the trees are ready, of course. We typically begin harvest in September and continue on through early the following year. Sometimes we keep harvesting for a few more months after December. Different varieties come due at different times, and sometimes the weather or equipment delays can push back harvesting. Back to top

How can I be sure my pecans are fresh from the trees?

Our "Premium" pecans are always part of our most recent harvest. If you want pecans as “fresh from the trees” as possible, we suggest ordering in November or December. However, pecans have a great shelf life if they’re sealed properly and kept in cold storage. We keep our pecans fresh in cold storage throughout the year. Back to top

How long will my pecans stay fresh?

Pecans are rich in healthy pecan oil and therefore perishable. This also applies to flavored pecans, which contain pecans as a major ingredient. If you're not going to eat your pecans immediately, it's best to store them in a sealed container in the freezer. Be sure to use airtight containers. It's fine to thaw and refreeze pecans, as long as you don't let too much moisture get to the pecans as they’re thawing. Remember that heat, light, and humidity (and time, of course) can speed up the aging process. The table below shows some general guidelines.
Temperature Inshell Shelled

fridge (40 degrees)

9-18 months

6 months

freezer (0 degrees)

2 years +

2 years

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Which pecan is best for baking?

Whichever one you like the flavor of the best! Some varieties have a higher oil content, but that won’t drastically affect your baking. Back to top

Do you process your pecans with other nuts (allergy info)?

We only handle pecans on the property, from orchard to plant to kitchen to retail. No other nut comes into contact with our pecans, and while we feel confident in the reduced risk please understand we cannot guarantee zero contamination in our flavored or baked products as some of the ingredients in those products come from outside of the farm.

For the best risk of no contamination, your best bet is our inshell pecans (found here). These pecans never leave the property and go straight from our orchard to our retail shop. Back to top

How many cups are in a pound of pecans?

One pound of inshell pecans will provide about two cups of shelled pecans. A one-pound bag of shelled pecans is about four cups. Back to top

Can I buy a bag of just shells?

If we have some pecan shells available, you're welcome to pick them up at our gift shop for free. But you may be able to get a larger supply from a pecan shelling plant. Back to top

Do you let people pick their own pecans?

No, we do not allow the public to pick up our pecans from the orchard. You may buy pecans from our farm store or online shop. You are also welcome to try samples of our pecans and other available products in the shop. Please do not enter our orchard on your own. Back to top

Do you sell pecan trees?

We do not sell pecan trees. Feel free to contact us. Click here for a list of helpful links and contact info.

For more info and resources, check out the TPGA and TPB websites.