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Posts tagged: Health & Nutrition

Are You Ready For The Honey Shortage of 2015?

You may have noticed that we haven't had an abundance of honey on our shelves this year. Read this article to find out why. Right now, we have unfiltered raw honey available online and in our gift shop, so get your supply while you can!

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A Handful of Pecans Can Help Lower Cholesterol

If you think eating a heart-healthy diet means you have to restrict yourself to bland, flavorless foods, think again. Delicious, satisfying foods like pecans may be just what the doctor (and your taste buds) ordered! Studies show that pecans have many health benefits ...

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Festival Feature: $1 Mini Massage With Essential Oil Of Your Choice*

One of the many things you won't want to miss at our Pecan Harvest Festival this November is the Essential Oils & Massage Boutique. We asked the experts for a little preview, and they gave us some tips for using two popular oils lavender and peppermint ...

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Using Pecan Oil Outside The Kitchen

Did you know that early Native American tribes used pecan oil in natural remedies to aid in curing and preventing illness? Today, it can be found in many massage oils, cosmetics, and can be used in aromatherapy as well as the production of bio-fuel ...

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