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Benefits of Royalty Pecans Farm Fresh Local Honey

I'm Andy Sherrod, Orchard Manager at Royalty Pecan Farms. 

Royalty Pecan Honey, it's back! But let me clear one thing up. This is not pecan honey. Pecans don't need pollinators, like bees, to spread the pollen. The wind does that. This is honey from Royalty Pecan Farms. We have about 15 hives on the farm. An area beekeeper has a few and I keep a few, just as a hobby. 

So why do we sell honey at all? Well, it's local. Consuming local honey that's loaded with local pollen can help with allergies. Buying honey from Royalty Pecan Farm supports the local economy. And honey? Well, it's just plain good. You can buy liquid honey or honey comb from our Farm Store or online, while supplies last. Sweet!