March 03, 2022

In the Orchard - February/March 2022

The past 4-6 weeks in the orchard have been busy. Our field crew has been battling the cold and wet Texas weather to hedge our pecan trees in anticipation of bud break and sunnier weather.

We use a unique piece of equipment to trim the pecan trees; you won't find another exactly like it.

 Andy, our Orchard Manager, was able to grab this video of Nekota hedging this block of pecan trees. It's important we hedge the trees this time of year for a couple reasons. One, the trees are still dormant so there's less leaves and debris. Two, bud break is just around the corner. We hedge the trees now, so the leaves that come in over the next month or two have less competition for nutrients and sunlight, and are better positioned to yield a beautiful crop. If the trees aren't hedged regularly, the leaves and branches can become overcrowded and reduce sunlight to the inner most or lower most branches. 

heavy machinery with sawblades trimming pecan trees

Next month is bud break. Isn’t April a little late for trees to be leafing out? Let’s talk about that next time.


You can find out more about our orchard by joining us on an Orchard Tour, hosted by Andy Sherrod, our Orchard Manager. Book tickets here.