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How To Keep Your Pecans Always Fresh

We've worked really hard to create quality pecans for you to enjoy in the fall. But, deterioration could take place if they aren't handled properly. The first thing we do after the pecans are harvested and graded and put into bags is we put them into cold storage. They go to zero degrees as soon as possible.

Now why do we do that? Pecans are very high in oil. Up to 70%, by weight, of that nutlet is oil. It's a heart healthy oil and it's good for your system, but the trouble with oil is that it degrades. It oxidizes at room temperature fairly quickly. This doesn’t happen in one or two days, or even one or two weeks. But when left out for two or three months at ambient room temperature, those oils begin to oxidize and the quality of that kernel begins to diminish. 

So the best thing for you to do when you buy your fresh pecans from Royalty Pecans is to take them home and put them straight into your freezer. In-shell or shelled, it doesn't matter! Putting them into the freezer arrests that oxidation process so that when you pull them out again, they're just as fresh as the day we picked them. You can freeze and thaw the pecans as many times as you like, it really doesn't matter. It won't affect the flavor of them. But the best place for you to keep them is in your deep freeze. We've worked hard to put that quality in. You can keep it there by putting your pecans in the freezer.