5 Easy Ways to Make Your Southern Pecan Coffee Taste Even Better
April 26, 2022

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Southern Pecan Coffee Taste Even Better

i heart coffee5 Easy Ways to Make Your Southern Pecan Coffee Taste Even Better

Coffee is such a staple in our lives, and it’s easy to fall into habits that can indirectly affect the taste of our morning brew. We drink Southern Pecan Coffee pretty exclusively here at the farm, and our biggest coffee fanatics put together the below list to help you get maximum enjoyment from your Southern Pecan Coffee. 

  1. Use cold, filtered water.
    1. Coffee is 98% water, so it’s important to use filtered water to let the rich taste of your coffee shine through. Starting with cold water allows your drip machine to bring the water up to the correct temperature for the best extraction. 
    2. Avoid distilled water or mineral water. Tap water is fine, filtered water is best.

  2. Make sure the coffee is ground to the right size…
    1. Different methods of coffee brewing require different size grounds for the best flavor and profile. For a drip machine, a medium ground is best. This is what we will default to when you order ground coffee from us. We grind the coffee to order, so you always get the freshest coffee. 
    2. For other brewing methods like espresso you’ll want a finer ground, and for a French press you’ll want a coarser ground. If you’re unsure what you need, contact us and we’ll custom grind your coffee. 

  3. …And make sure you use the right amount!
    1. Coffee is measured in 6oz servings, so a “cup” of coffee is 6oz. Use 1-2 tablespoons (10 grams) of ground coffee per 6oz cup. Your drip machine will have cups marked on the carafe. 
    2. Use 1 tablespoon per 6oz for a lighter brew, and 2 tablespoons for a stronger brew. For a delicately flavored coffee like our Southern Pecan, we use 1 heaping tablespoon per 6oz. 

  4. Let it brew/Trust the process.
    1. Once your drip machine starts brewing, let it finish before removing the carafe.  Removing the carafe before its finished can affect the flavor of the pot making it a little bit more bitter due to over extraction. Your patience will pay off, we promise. 
    2. Use this time to prep your coffee - grab your milk, sweetener, and cup. Slice some Banana Pecan Bread to go with your breakfast. Whatever you do - let the coffee finish brewing first!

  5. Don’t let it sit.
    1. Pour your coffee and enjoy it. We like a little bit of cream in the Southern Pecan coffee, but it tastes fantastic black. Whichever way you prefer it, we recommend serving it within 20 minutes or insulating it to keep it warm. Avoid reheating the coffee when possible, and try not to let it sit for too long. 
    2. If you like iced coffee, turn the coffee pot off as soon as it's finished brewing, and remove from the heat if possible. Let the coffee come up to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator to cool down.