Our Story

“I fell in love with this pastoral piece of God’s creation in 1985. Having grown up in agriculture, I admired and respected the rich soils and abundant water of the bottomlands of the great river of Texas, the Brazos. It’s been a labor of love since then, growing one of nature’s most healthful foods, the pecan. Our vision is to share this place with those who appreciate healthy living and enjoy the goodness of natural foods. We invite you to turn into our entrance, leave time behind, and visit our Welcome Center overlooking the orchard – once here, take a deep breath, soak in the peaceful setting, and enjoy the moment. Tasty pecans are just an added bonus!”

B. Michael Adams, Steward of the Land known as Royalty Pecan Farms

“Providence brought us to Royalty Pecan Farms in 1986. We raised our five children here, and without question, there is no better place on God’s earth to satisfactorily accomplish such a task. This is our home, and we invite you to visit. Relax on the back porch of our Welcome Center and enjoy the vista. Such a place is intended to be shared. Come and linger.”

Andy & Carole Sherrod, Caretakers of Royalty Pecan Farms