New Crop Pre-Order

We are delighted to announce that the 2022-2023 Harvest is about to begin at Royalty Pecan Farms. This is your opportunity to reserve first pick of our new crop, and you will receive priority shipping as soon as the pecans are ready to harvest. Some varieties are harvested sooner than others, so please be aware that choosing a late variety pecan may result in a short delay before we are able to ship your preferred pecan. If you do not choose a specific variety, we will fill your order with the fresh new crop pecans we have currently available.

New crop halves and pieces will be available soon, and will begin shipping by the end of September/first week of October. Please understand these pecans have to be harvested, and then shelled out before we are able to package and ship them. You can generally expect these pecans to be Pawnee, and to ship around the end of September or early October. 

If you select in shell pecans, and request a specific variety, we will ship your chosen variety as soon as we are able to harvest it. Pre-ordered pecans are given priority, and are shipped as soon as they're harvested. Please note that some varieties are ready later than other varieties, and may result in a short delay before we can ship your requested variety. 

Product availability is subject to weather and harvesting conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your pre-order.