Raw Honeycomb
We are currently out of raw honeycomb. Please stay tuned to our social media and newsletter so you can be the first to know when we receive more in stock! We are anticipating fresh honey as soon as we're able to collect some from our bees.

Enjoy a rare treat from the farm! We have a limited quantity of fresh, unfiltered, raw farm honey. To keep our bees healthy and productive, we only have a limited about of raw honeycomb to offer. Once we sell out of honeycomb, we may not be able to offer it again.

The honeycomb is raw, and the honey is unfiltered. This is real farm fresh honey!

(If you prefer no honeycomb in your farm fresh honey, that's okay. We hope the bees will have enough honey to share with us in a couple weeks' time. "Bee" sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out!)

Is the honeycomb safe to eat?

The comb is safe to eat. People have been keeping bees, and eating the honeycomb, for several thousand years. The comb has a chewy texture that varies in taste just like the honey depending on the environment and which flowers the bees predominately pollinated. You may find it has a gum like texture when chewed. 

The best way to eat honeycomb is:
  • Include a couple slices on your charcuterie board
  • Pair with your favorite cheese and crackers
  • Add it to your favorite toasted sandwich (try tomatoes, sliced ham or turkey, and a mild cheese)