Raw Farm Honey - 12oz


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Pure, raw, unfiltered honey harvested from Royalty Pecan Farms.

Our bees have been hard at work, and we are fortunate to share in their labor. Royalty Pecan Farm honey is darker than most, but has a rich flavor with smoky notes. The smoky flavor is beautifully contrasted with the subtly sweet flavor of wildflower honey. We haven't found honey like this, even local to our area. It truly is a unique blend of everything the farm has to offer. 

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While we keep a few beehives at the farm, we don't maintain a large apiary. The farm has about 12-14 bee boxes where we provide a safe location with abundant resources for the bees to forage and lend their support to the local ecosystem. We harvest twice a year, and only harvest what we safely take from the bees while ensuring they have enough food to thrive through the next season. Because of this practice, we often run out of honey before we can harvest more. To stay up-to-date on restocks and new products, join our newsletter.


Net Weight: 12 oz

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