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  • How To Enter the Pie Baking Contest

    Click here to download/print entry form

    Entries must be submitted in person on Saturday, 11/5/16, from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM at the following address: Royalty Pecan Farms 10600 State Highway 21 E Caldwell, TX 77836 (Click here for a map and directions)

  • Eligible Entries Must Include:

    • Pie baked from scratch using at least ½ cup of Royalty Pecans® purchased from our gift shop, our online shop, or Brazos Natural Foods.
    • Receipt proving purchase of Royalty Pecans®.
    • A completed entry form.

    Contest Rules:

    • Entry Fee: Purchase pecans from Royalty Pecan Farms® (the pecans must be used in the pie).
    • Prizes: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes to be awarded (prizes TBD).
    • Contestants agree that photos and contact information may be taken and used by RPF for our marketing purposes.
    • Contestants must be amateur bakers only. Bakers operating under the Cottage Food Law will be considered professional.
    • Pies must be delivered and registered on the morning of November 5, 2016.

    Baking Rules:

    • Pie must be homemade. No prepackaged crusts or fillings.
    • Pie must be baked in 8"-10" round pan.
    • Minimum of ½ cup Royalty Pecans® must be used.
    • Pecans must be a primary ingredient, but the pie does not have to be a traditional pecan pie. We encourage contestants to be creative with their entries (we welcome sweet, savory, spicy, combination of layers, decorative, etc.)
    • No cream based pies or pies requiring constant refrigeration.
    • *Optional: 2 pies may be submitted (one to judge, one to sell for charitable donation).


    Results will be announced at 10:45 AM the day of the festival. You must be present to win. Judges' decisions are final, and they are not required to provide feedback about their decisions. Pies will be scored 1 – 5 for each of the following criteria (50 points total):
    • Overall appearance
    • Texture and consistency of crust or topping
    • Inside texture (runny, firm, or juicy)
    • Taste of crust
    • Is the crust fully cooked?
    • Aftertaste
    • Memorableness of pie
    • Level of creativity
    • Flavor strength and balance of ingredients
    • Do you want another bite?