Deluxe Gift Box
Deluxe Gift Box Deluxe Gift Box Deluxe Gift Box

Can't decide which flavor to choose? Just choose them all! This gift box contains 15, 4oz of our raw and handmade roasted, flavored Royalty Pecans.  Delight and impress that extra special someone.  Create a unique snack tray for any party.  The perfect gift for a family or group.

Contents**: 2 pkgs of Cinnapecan, Cranberry Crunch, Dulce de Leche, 2 pkgs of Raw Halves, Royalty Roast, Sinless Cinnapecan, Sweetly Peppered, Italian Herb, Tex Mex, Toffee, Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans, Milk Chocolate Covered Pecans, and Cranberry Pecan Granola. All neatly arranged in our RPF Wood Box with sliding lid.