Friends & Family Day

 Due to the forecasted weather for Sat Nov 19, we've decided to cancel this event. 

The retail store will still be open, but orchard activities are cancelled. If you purchased tickets, you will automatically be refunded. 

We're disappointed, too, but we hope to be able to offer this again soon for our guests and family.




Join us on Saturday, November 19, 2022 for a Friends & Family Day. 

Enjoy free samples of flavored pecans, try our inshell varieties, sip on our Southern Pecan Coffee on our back patio. Bring a lunch for you and the family and have a picnic under our Pawnee trees.

You can also book tickets for Pecan Picking or for an Orchard Tour. 

  • Pecan Picking is $20 per bag, and includes a vintage burlap sack that will hold about 3lbs of fresh pecans. When you return from picking, you can bring your pecans to the inshell counter and we will happily crack them for you (no additional charge). Your family can share a bag, or you can each have your own - it's up to you! We don't charge per person, only per bag. 

  • Orchard Tours are $12 for folks over 14 years. The tour is about an hour long and hosted by Andy, our Orchard Manager. This is fantastic opportunity to ask everything you ever wanted to know about pecans; we love questions so ask away!