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Why pecans, Why pecans from Royalty?

Pecan Quality

What most consumers don't realize is that the pecans we find in the grocery stores or specialty stores can be older. The pecans take time to go from middle men and distributors to arrive on the shelf. They may or may not have been taken care of properly. We know that pecans are best stored in a deep freeze. Look for the kernel to be plumb and full. Beware of pecans that look dark. The only way to really know what a fresh pecan looks and tastes like, is to actually visit a pecan farm. 

Royalty Pecan Farms is a leader in the pecan industry for setting standards of quality. Purchasing pecans from us means that we have cared for the quality of the nutrition of those pecans. In our kitchen, we provide candied, raw, and baked goods that go above and beyond your expectations. Our pecans are available online at or at our farm store located between Bryan and Caldwell, Texas on Texas State Highway 21. 

Pecan Nutrition

A large 30-year observation study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found an association between regular nut consumption and a decreased risk of mortality from all causes, including heart disease, compared to those who did not consume nuts.

The largest study of its kind, involving 76,464 women and 42,498 men, also found that regular nut-eaters weighed less than those who didn’t eat nuts – an association that should alleviate fears that nuts are fattening.

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