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What to look for in a wedding venue

Photo credits: Two Pair Photography

With so many venues vying for attention, a bride-to-be faces a variety of choices.

Each venue offers something unique to the market, and those unique features help create the magic that will define your weekend.  As such, we suggest that four specific considerations should guide your decision making when envisioning the tea-light candles and clinking of festive glasses.

1. Create a back up plan

A backup plan has saved many weddings and receptions!  The one variable we cannot control is nature.  A flash storm, a sudden cold front, or swarming crickets under bright lights can all create havoc without a second option.

We’ve seen it all in Texas, and the only constant is that nothing is constant! A good venue will show you the options for a mad dash to set up inside.

But Texas isn’t all bad --a good venue will also help you capture the magic of our beautiful Texas sunsets.  Be sure to ask about those “what happens if….” moments.

2. Ask your venue about their maximum capacity numbers

They will give you a number.  You should follow up that answer with, “Yes, I know that this might be the maximum number allowed, but what does it feel like when all the tables and chairs are set up and bodies are moving around?”

outdoor reception at royalty pecans
Photo credits: Ryan Price Photography

Foot traffic and personal items (coats/purses) hanging on the backs of chairs can make for a rather cramped venue if you push the maximum occupancy guidelines.  If the weather outside doesn’t allow for spillover (remember, even really high Texas humidity can keep folks from moving outside of air conditioned spaces), they are going to stay inside.

An intimate reception is great, but “too intimate” can become uncomfortable for your guest.

3. Find a venue with an onsite planner

A good event venue will have a planner onsite that will assist you or work alongside your wedding planner.  A location without support can be a problem.

bridal suite
Photo credits: Half Orange Photography

What happens if the air conditioner fails or a breaker blows? Who is going to help direct traffic into interior spaces or transition toward closing up the venue for the evening?  An on-site venue representative can make the evening work seamlessly and prevent those glitches that might otherwise cause problems.

Be sure to ask about this sort of support as you investigate venues.

4. Consider the distance and travel time between your ceremony location and the reception venue

Factor in parking time and consider extending that time for the benefit of elderly family and friends.

Aside from providing maps and the address, be sure to include estimated travel time so guests can manage their own schedules accordingly. Attention to small details like this can make a big difference.

Although the Brazos Valley is a relatively small community, we span quite a distance and the logistics matter.

We can help you with these important decisions

Outdoor reception at night - Royalty Pecans
Photo credits: InPhocus Photography

Royalty Pecan Farm provides the support you will need for your big weekend.  We’ve got years of experience watching wonderful couples start their lives together under breathtaking Texas skies.

Please give us a call and we can discuss our venue to see if we are the fit you’ve been looking for.  Reach us at events@royaltypecans.com.

Thanks for reading. Before you go...

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