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Welcome back to Royalty Pecan Farms. There are two pests that we have to contend with during harvest: crows and hogs. (Click here to see the previous video about how we handle crows)

The crows fly in during the day and extract pecans from the trees or off the ground. The hogs come in at night. Not only do they feed on pecans, but they destroy the ground underneath the trees, making it impossible for us to harvest the remainder of the crop with our equipment.

The crows are deterred with an auditory barrier, and you can hear that playing in the background of this video. The company that created this system is having us experiment with a similar piece of equipment to deter hogs. Like the system for deterring birds, this unit is powered by the sun, and a photo cell allows the recordings to play only at night.

The particular recording we’re using is of a hog and dog fighting. These recordings play all night long, and we have several of these units in the orchard. The idea is to create a wall or barrier designed to deter the hogs and push them off into a different area.

These units have been operating for about a week, and so far they’ve worked. If they continue to be successful, not only will it be a benefit to pecan farmers, but to row crop farmers and ranchers as well.

Thank you for your interest in Royalty Pecan Farms! Tune in again for another video and check out more photos and info on our blog.

Host: Andy Sherrod • Orchard Manager at Royalty Pecan Farms • Caldwell, Texas

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