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Today, what I want to show you are some electronic devices that we use to deter crows, a detrimental pest during the pecan harvest. These electronic units are powered by the sun using solar panels. The speakers are mounted above, fifty feet in the air, approximately 10 feet above the tree canopy so the sound can travel.

We have 23 of these units around the perimeter of the orchard creating an auditory barrier. So, when the crow scouts approach, they hear the sounds, they think of danger, and they fly away to safer feeding grounds, never alerting the remainder of the flock of this potential food source.

These bird calls are recorded on computer chips. The chip shown in this video has several crow and raven distress calls, several raptors, and even some birds that are not indigenous to this area.

There’s a photo cell on this unit that allows it to power down at night to conserve energy. Then in the morning, it comes back on and plays all day long. These calls go off throughout the day, repeating about a minute apart.

So in future videos, when we’re talking to you about different aspects of the pecan harvest and you hear these calls in the background, now you’ll know what they are.

Tune in again soon for more videos!

Host: Andy Sherrod • Orchard Manager at Royalty Pecan Farms • Caldwell, Texas

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