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Welcome to Royalty Pecan Farms! This video is the first in a series that will walk you through the process of harvesting pecans.

It’s early October, and a lot has to happen before we can begin shaking trees. Today we’re mowing the ground, picking up limbs, and creating an environment that’s conducive for our ground harvest equipment to come back and pick the pecans up once they are shaken to the ground.

As you can see from this video, the pecans are not quite ready. They’re still in the green shuck, but if you pinch the ends of that shuck, it opens right up. When about 80% or more of the pecan clusters are open, we’ll begin shaking the trees.

Next time: Bird calls in the orchard …

Host: Andy Sherrod • Orchard Manager at Royalty Pecan Farms • Caldwell, Texas

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