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Did you know that early Native American tribes used pecan oil in natural remedies to aid in curing and preventing illness? Pecan oil was also used as a natural, organic skin remedy throughout ancient culture. Today, it can be found in many massage oils, cosmetics, and can be used in aromatherapy as well as the production of bio-fuel. Needless to say, pecan oil can cure a multitude of sins.

In the use of cosmetics, pecan oil most often appears in soaps, perfumes, or lotions in order to prevent and treat dry skin. Pecan oil is considered a carrier oil and is used in aromatherapy in order to dilute essential oils for application. Essential oils carry a very harsh smell acquired from the plants they come from. Carrier oils, like pecan oil, have a thicker texture and are mostly odorless, so they can help reduce the harsh smell of essential oils.

Keep in mind that pecan oil in cosmetic form should not be used if allergic to nuts. All carrier oils need to be kept in a cool area to preserve their properties. Pecan oil in cosmetics has a shelf life of about six months to one year if kept sealed and in a low-lit area.

The most recent and turn-of-the-millennium use of this natural plant oil is in the production of bio-fuel. The high content of oleic acid makes pecan oil well suited for bio-fuel. However, this new process has been a slow one due to the slow development of pecan crops. In most cases, newly planted pecan seedlings need about a decade to fully mature, demanding a high cost and a major commitment. While there are pecans growing wild in various parts of the southern U.S., many of those crops aren’t harvested as food. If pecan trees aren’t cultivated with care, they’ll most likely succumb to disease, insect damage, and other natural causes like drought or badly timed freezes. Hopefully, in the near future, farmers and engineers will find more ways to gain even more value from this natural and renewable resource!

From the field, to the kitchen, to bathroom remedies, and now on to planes, trains, and automobiles, pecan oil has had its place in the course and change of human history. Now that’s something you don’t hear about in your history books!