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What can you expect to find at Royalty Pecan Farms, now?

Winter time usually marks the end of the harvest season and the waning of activity here. Well, that is just not true this year. The orchard has received lots of rain and harvest is still an on-going process. Once we are done with getting the last sections of pecans into our our inspection plant, then we work hard on getting the trees back into shape. Expect to see most of our equipment out. You might even catch a glimpse of the super sized hedge trimmers at work.

Our tours are every Saturday, 12:30pm. I recommend you purchase your tickets online. We know it is a little bit out of town and reserving your spot(s) is a great idea. We look forward to seeing you on the farm. Don't forget to grab some coffee or hot chocolate before you leave for the tour from our kitchen. Lap blanket is recommended for cool weather.