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Tips for Your Wedding Reception: Choosing Centerpieces

Centerpieces. What’s the scoop on those things anyways? You might be imagining an annoying bush in the middle of the table that your wedding reception guests have to play hide-and-seek around, but we are here to tell you that centerpieces are the main event to your wedding decorations. The final act, the top, the Mona Lisa, the Tower of Pisa, the Coliseum of wedding décor! Okay … now we’re just quoting “You’re the Top” (which is a great wedding reception song, by the way), but you get the idea. Centerpieces are a big deal.

Centerpieces do more than look pretty and bring your wedding theme full circle. They also set a welcoming tone for your guests, who will be sitting at the same table for most of the night. Whether you have assigned seating or not, many of your guests may be sitting with people they haven’t met before. An eye-catching centerpiece can serve as a conversation piece or an icebreaker for your guests. For example, a conversation like this may ensue:

Wedding Guest #1:  “Oh, look at that centerpiece. I just love the way the light in the vase turns the water blue.”

Wedding Guest #2:  “Why yes, it’s such a natural blue. Hi, my name is Shirley, how do you know the bride and groom?”

BOOM. Cha-Cha slide partners in the making.

Now that you understand the importance of having the perfect wedding reception centerpiece, here are a few tips to keep in mind while picking out yours:

Go Local or Go Home

Instead of having your flowers imported from another state or country, it is best to have them locally delivered. Flowers from a local florist will not only be completely fresh, but you also won’t have to pace back and forth making sure they will arrive on time. This way, if any hiccups occur in regards to the placement or color of your flowers, you will still have time to fix any issues.

Make Them Stable

You may have heard the song, “I went three rounds with Jose Cuervo …” Well, by the end of the night your guests may have lost count of their rounds and started counting again. Make sure your centerpieces are stable with a sturdy, wide vase, and ready for the hit that the table will take when Aunt Patricia bumps into it during “The Wobble”. If your reception is outside, you also have the wind to consider. Arrangements that are too tall or too delicate may get caught in the otherwise lovely breeze.

Watch Out for Strong Smells

If you chose fresh flowers as your centerpiece, make sure that each fragrance mixes well with one another. For example, many people do not know that sometimes baby’s breath can smell rancid and musty. It is a good rule of thumb to check on your flowers at the florist, a day or so before the wedding, just in case some drying-out may need to be done. Nobody wants to be eating their chicken and having to smell Grandma’s moth-ball closet all night long.

Be Consistent

Make sure your centerpieces match the theme of your wedding. Pineapple centerpieces in the middle of December may not be the ticket. Try again with more mysterious tones, like dark berries, or deep Merlot colored roses instead.

Avoid Peek-a-Boo

Don’t make your guests play this game. Make sure your centerpieces are not in the way of your guests’ view of one another. Avoid this wedding faux pas with the use of low centerpieces or candelabras. A good guideline is to keep them below the 13 inch marker.

Happy wedding planning!

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