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My two favorite seasons are Spring and Fall, and I simply cannot decide which I like better.  Every time spring arrives I think, “Wow, this is awesome!  Spring is my favorite.”  And yet when fall gets here, the crispness of the air, the cooling temperatures, the colors, it just exhilarates me and I think, “Fall is the best!”  The spring comes again… the new green growth, wildflowers, the smell of nature revived, the twitterpated animals (10 points if you can guess where that term comes from), with bud break on the pecan trees just around the corner.

Overlooking the Pecan Orchard from the Welcome Center

So here I am, undecided yet again.  Sigh…such a hard life I lead…surrounded by The Master’s handiwork, augmented by man’s touch.  There truly is no better place on God’s green earth.

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