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Honey RoyaleIf you flailed your arms more than 11,000 times a minute, moved at 15 miles an hour on your way to harvest from the 100 flowers you spotted with your five eyes —you would probably make quite a noise, too. 

And so we hear the happy buzzing sound of our friendly honeybee on his morning outing.

Bees are pretty amazing little creatures!  Don’t stop them or interfere with bees on their mission.  They work in a tight community (the average hive has around 50,000 bees) keeping agriculture flourishing and delicious golden honey on our tables.

Why does some honey appear dark brown, rather than gold?

There are more than 300 varieties of honey produced in the US and the great variety is the result of the types of flower pollen available for collection.  The color variation and flavors also depend upon the materials the hive uses to create the liquid gold we all love.

Why does my honey thicken and crystallize?  Does honey go bad?

Amazingly, honey never goes bad.  It crystallizes, of course, but it can be heated (in a glass jar and at less than 120 degrees) to restore it to its original consistency.

It needn’t be refrigerated, in fact, you really shouldn’t place it anywhere that isn’t room temperature.  It can last for centuries in a sealed container — they even found edible honey in the Ancient Egyptian King’s (Tut’s) tomb! Imagine that; the honey stored for thousands of years was raw, unfiltered honey. It didn’t undergo modern packaging or processing.

Raw honey has been used to heal wounds and the honeycomb has been shown to lower cholesterol when taken in moderation.

Why choose raw honey?  Is it different than what I can find at the store?

Like King Tut, you ought to consume honey in its natural state whenever possible.  Full of enzymes, vitamins, and flavor, honey in the raw has everything necessary to help boost allergy resistance —it even contains antioxidants.

Processing, blending, and heating honey alters the honey and diminishes the flavors. Finding a great source for locally harvested honey is much better than buying off the grocery aisle.

That little golden honey bear won’t be nearly as good as locally sourced raw honey. Try it — you’ll notice that it just tastes so much better!

Royalty Pecan is delighted to announce that we are selling our own locally sourced honey in our shop.

We have an army of happy little bees in our on-site apiary and they’re spending their day working for that table you will set in the weeks to come.

Come get your honey while it is available!

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