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The Boy Scouts May Have Been onto Something...

There is their famous saying..."Be prepared." This can be applied to so many things in our lives.

Truly, we remember this statement as we get ready to go back to school. It resonates in the hallways at Open House or Orientation and in the numerous retail stores, as we purchase supplies and clothing/shoes. Getting ready to go back to school can mean a number of things. You might have school-aged children or grandchildren headed back, you may be a teacher or spouse of a teacher, you might be or be a parent of a college/trade/graduate school student.

So heed the Boy Scouts' advice and be prepared. We have formulated the perfect combination of first week needs into a gift box for purchase. What a wonderful way to kick off the school: a sweet surprise, a well wish, or a gift for yourself. We wish you the best school year, yet!