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Shuck Split & Pre-Order Announcement

I'm Andy Sherrod, Orchard Manager at Royalty Pecans Farm. Our growing season is drawing to a close. How do I know? Shuck Split! What is shuck split? 

Well, it's when the tree recognizes that the seed or the pecan that we enjoy eating is ready and mature, and the green shucks that grow around the nut split open. Take a look at the pictured example. The tree recognizes that that pecan is ready for harvest, and will release the pecan nut from the shuck.

Not every variety is ready right now, but two early varieties are, that's Pawnee, and Kanza. We don't know the exact date when we're going to begin picking these pecans but it's going to be very soon. If you'd like to pre order these two varieties or any of the other varieties we grow here at the farm, you can go here to do so. 

As the season progresses. I'll keep you informed on what varieties are ready. We'll take a look at some of the harvest equipment and we'll ease into the harvest season and help you enjoy it just as much as we do. Stay tuned for more updates!