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A Pecan is a Pecan, but is it Really?

The Farm produces nine varieties of pecans. However, only the premium pecans will make it into The Store. This is a list of the usual varieties during harvest (starting November):

Pawnee - a very light, buttery pecan great for snacking. The shell is easily peeled. The kernels are long, smaller, and do feature a yellow color.

Cheyenne - a rich, lightly sweet pecan. It's great for everything. The shell is easily cracked and the kernel is medium and round with a golden brown color. Lots of great oil in this pecan.

Choctaw - our largest kernel is yellow in color with a buttery flavor. The shell is very easily removed. Looks great in food presentations.

Kiowa - a warm and very sweet tasting pecan with a large kernel. The shell can be peeled with a little effort. We recommend having a cracker nearby. This variety is very versatile in its use as a snack or cooking. 

Desirables - a medley of smoky and lightly sweet flavor. It is one of our most popular pecans, but it can be difficult to crack. It's golden brown kernel is very round and medium in size. 

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So what variety is our favorite? Rebekah says Kiowa, Anna says Choctaw, Bobbie says Pawnee, Sergio says Cheyenne, and Keesley says Choctaw.