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Royalty Pecan Farms • Photo by Fidelis Studio

1. Water, Water, Water !

2. What are you going to do with all those pecans?

a.   Are you going to eat them or sell them?

i.   Locate prospective buyers now.
ii.  Know how to perform a yield test.

b.   Are you going to have them custom shelled or do it yourself?

i.   Locate a custom sheller now.
ii.  Plan to buy a hand cracker or find a custom CRACKER.

3. How are you going to harvest them?

a.   Are you going to use child helpers (kids or grandchildren)?

i.   Start building suspense now.

b.   Are you going to hire a custom harvester?

i.   Locate a custom harvester now.

4. Are you going to plant more trees?

a.   What variety/varieties will you plant?

i.   Research this thoroughly.

b.   Are you going to plant bare root or container trees?

i.   Your budget will determine this.

c.   Where are you going to plant them?

i.   Soil type makes a difference.