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We are in the home stretch, the last month of the six-month growing season. But like any race, the home stretch is no time to slow down. One thing we are paying very close attention to right now is kernel fill.

During July the inside of the nuts were filling with water. Notice the first indication of the future kernel. In this picture it is filled to the brim with water.

After the shell forms during August the nuts reach their full size.

In September the kernel finishes developing inside the newly formed shell.  This is a critical time because if the tree becomes stressed from lack of water the kernel will be thin and shriveled. Here is a picture of a pecan that did not receive any supplemental water.

Supplying the trees with ample water is the key to reaching full kernel fill.

Here is a picture of a pecan that has received adequate water through our irrigation system. It will be nice and plump when it reaches full maturity in late October and our store will be filled with them by mid November.