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Here in Central Texas we don’t often get a lot of fall color from deciduous trees as they drift off to sleep for the winter and when we do, seldom do pecans contribute very much to the show.  But this year I was pleased to see a few trees sprinkled throughout our 500-acre orchard displaying colors other than brown.

As the days shorten and the temperatures drop the developmental stage called shucksplit indicates that the crop is ready.

In fact, our crew has been breaking the dawn silence with the roar of harvest equipment for a couple of weeks now. 

Since the orchard is our office wet weather is always a factor during this time of year dictating when we can or can’t gather the crop. The recent rains have put a damper on the harvest process but such will always be the case. Winter is, after all, our wettest time of year. We will gather when we can during dry times and bag what we’ve harvested during wet times.

We at Royalty Pecan Farm love what we do and are pleased to offer you the fruits of our labor. Every Saturday at 12:30 we offer a tour of the orchard to anyone who shows up. Fall is the busiest time of year for tours so you may want to pre-order tickets online HERE.

Best Wishes,

Andy Sherrod, Orchard Manager

Royalty Pecan Farms