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If you’re not directly affected by the weather you probably don’t keep track of the number of rain-free days in a row we experience in the Brazos Valley, nor should you. We at Royalty Pecan Farm have our office out among 13,000 pecan trees and the weather routinely hands us our daily work schedule. At last, after nine months, the relentless El Nino rain pattern seems to be subsiding and we are enjoying many hours each week working where we should be, in the orchard.  

Here are a few shots of what is happening in late May, a gorgeous time of year to be outdoors.

There are still a couple of places holding water from past rain events but notice that we have been able to get into the block of trees beyond to tame the grass. 


Here is a shot of a newly pollinated nut cluster. Take a look at those deep green leaves, miniature solar panels capturing sunlight to make food.  



We are poking hundreds of thousands of holes in the ground. Why? To help water from the next rain to quickly move deeper into the soil.   


See those puffy white clouds? This is a great shot of a successfully trimmed tree row with about 50% shade on the orchard floor.  


If you are interested in learning more about how we manage 560 acres of pecan trees sign up for one of our tours offered every Saturday at 12:30. Get tickets and info HERE.



Andy Sherrod, Orchard Manager

Royalty Pecan Farms