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Did you know that pecans are pollinated exclusively by the wind? That means they don’t need bees or other insects to help with pollination.

Bees at Royalty Pecan Farms

Although we don’t need bees to help pollinate our pecans, we do have a few bee hives on our farm, and the honey they make for us is delicious!

Our honey is available seasonally online and in our farm store on Highway 21 between Bryan/College Station and Caldwell.

Right now, our bees are still hard at work recovering from the freezing weather the farm experienced this winter. To help the bees, we harvested some honeycomb so they have room to continue to build the hive. The honeycomb is available for purchase online or in store (for a limited time). 

If you live in the Brazos Valley, our store is a great place to get some pure, natural, raw local honey. After our honey is collected from the bee hives nearby, it's strained but not filtered or pasteurized, so it retains all the natural nutrients you need.

Click here to learn more about our pecan trees and how they’re pollinated.

Natural Honey from Royalty Pecan Farms