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What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm

Pecan Cluster in September at Royalty Pecan FarmsDuring September, the pecan nuts are fully expanded but not completely filled yet.

We usually begin shaking trees and harvesting pecans in late October or early November, so this month we’re getting everything ready for harvest season.

While irrigation continues around the clock to help fill out the kernels, our main project is to make sure the Cleaning Plant is clean and all the equipment is greased, repaired, and working properly.

This year, we have a new addition to our Cleaning Plant that will help us grade and sort our pecans much faster. (It’s also really cool!) Our new pecan sorting machine evaluates the pecans by color, size, and shape. We program the sorting machine and “teach” it how to recognize premium Royalty Pecans™.  Any lower grade pecans will be separated from the rest by a puff of compressed air (see the photo below). This new sorting machine will make our grading process quicker and more efficient so we can get the best of our farm fresh pecans on their way to you as soon as possible!

Inspection Masters Sorting Machine Royalty Pecan Farms Inspection Masters Sorting Machine Royalty Pecan Farms

Nekoda building a platform for the new equipment