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In the Pecan Orchard: October 2015

By Andy Sherrod, Orchard Manager

Preparing for Pecan Harvest Season

Many people don’t realize that commercial pecan production is a year-around job. This production season began back in January when we pruned the trees and aerated the soil. Many hours were spent cleaning and preparing our irrigation system. New leaves appeared in April and our daily care of the trees and the orchard floor was in full swing. The mowing, watering, and feeding has lasted until now, the beginning of October.

pecan cluster almost ready for harvest

Even though many varieties are showing signs of nut maturity, we are still running our irrigation system every day and will do so right up until we start shaking the trees.

Pecan cluster growing in October

Harvest usually begins in October. We can’t predict exactly when the pecans will be ready to harvest, but after enough of the shucks have split wide open, we will gather the crop. Even though the work days will be long, it’s a rewarding time for us. All those months of hard work culminate in this process we call harvest season.

But you don’t have to just read about it here. Come experience it. Every Saturday we offer tours on a tractor-pulled wagon made by Amish craftsmen from Pennsylvania. The tour guide will explain the whole process in detail. With the weather cooling off, this is a perfect time to visit the farm. Click here to see our event calendar and get tour tickets.