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By Andy Sherrod, Orchard Manager

Royalty Pecan Farms | October in the OrchardI love October.

October is a transition month for us here in Texas. All the students are deep into school now. (Alas, the carefree days of summer vacation are a faint memory). Football season is here and, thankfully, the oven-like heat is gone.

Even though really cool weather hasn’t quite arrived, hope prevails, and that’s enough to changes one’s attitude. I’ve seen it. You probably have, too. People are driving with their windows down and restaurant patios are no longer abandoned.

For all of us here at the farm there is an additional anticipation … Harvest Season.

The six men I work with on the production side of Royalty Pecan Farms are all talking about it as they arrive at seven o-clock in the morning. “It feels like harvest,” they say. Our morning meetings are often held with the door wide open so we can feel the air and watch the sunrise. Really, we do that.

Royalty Pecan Farms | October in the Orchard

Sometime during the month, we never know quite when, we will start our seventy-hour work weeks and begin the final phase of our annual efforts to cultivate and maintain this beautiful pecan orchard. And it is an effort. Everything we’ve done all year, week after week, has been done for this: harvest. We won’t feel satisfied until the pecan crop is safely in the barn, out of the elements and ready for market.

Though October is the beginning of the most exhausting time of our year, it’s also the most rewarding. This is when I’m glad I don’t have an indoor job. I love October.

Royalty Pecan Farms | October in the Orchard

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