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What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm

  • Royalty Pecans in October | Opening Pecan ClusterGrowing season ends as harvest season begins.
  • Mowing and prepping the orchard floor.
  • Cleaning and prepping the processing plant.

This month we’ll be shaking trees and beginning this year’s pecan harvest! During October, pecan nut filling is usually complete, and the shucks start to split revealing the mature nut. We wait to shake the trees until the majority of the green shucks have opened up and turned brown.

The pecan trees still have their leaves, but due to the cooler weather the sap is slowly moving down the limbs to the roots. Also because of the cooler weather, we need to flush the irrigation system and make sure the exposed pipes are drained for the coming winter. The cleaning plant also needs to be cleared and prepped for harvest. We’re cleaning, sanitizing, and preparing the plant and its equipment to sort, grade, and process all the new pecans.

During harvest season, work days in the orchard are long – twelve hours a day, six days a week. Our goal is to harvest all the pecans as soon as possible.

Our extended fall store hours also begin this month. From now until Christmas, we’ll be open Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Stop by and visit!

Royalty Pecans in October | Open Pecan Cluster Ready to Harvest Royalty Pecans in October | Shaking Pecan Trees