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What’s Happening on the Farm

  • Growing season ends as harvest season begins.pecan shuck opening
  • Mowing and prepping the orchard floor.
  • Cleaning and prepping the processing plant.

This month, the growing season comes to an end and the new harvest season begins! We’ll know it’s time to start shaking trees when the majority of the shucks are split open, revealing plump, mature pecans. Right now, they’re not quite ready, but we hope to start harvest by the middle or end of October.

Since the growing season is ending, we’ll be closing down our irrigation system for the winter. We’ll also be mowing and using the brush rake to clear the orchard floor of debris. The ground needs to be as clean as possible when we shake the trees. We’ll talk more about harvest next month.

The cleaning plant also needs to be cleared and prepped for harvest. We’re cleaning, sanitizing, and preparing the plant and its equipment to sort, grade, and process all the new pecans.

Due to our irrigation system and hardworking farm hands (and hardworking trees!), we plan to have a nice crop this year, so we’ll have plenty of pecans for you in our gift shop and online store. Our extended fall hours also begin this month. From now until Christmas, we’ll be open Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Stop by and visit!

brush rake clears debris from the orchard floor

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