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In the Pecan Orchard: November 2017

QUALITY!  That is the topic of this month’s farm blog.

We are well into the harvest season and this is one the highest quality crops we have ever produced. All varieties did well so when you visit our store you will see quite a selection of in-shell pecans from which to sample. Here is a brief description of each.

Cape Fear. You won’t often see this variety in our store but you will this year for as long as it lasts. It’s a medium-sized nut with a cream-colored kernel. Easy to shell.

Pawnee. This is our earliest-ripening variety and the first one we put in the store each year. Much of our Pawnee have already been sold but we still have some left if you hurry.

Desirable. You’ve seen this one before. This variety is a consistent producer and always available in our store at least until Thanksgiving. We shelled some of these and they are available in 1 and 5 lb bags.

Wichita. Here is another variety you won’t often see in our store. We were so impressed with the quality of Wichita this year that we shelled it. These make great Christmas gifts.

Kiowa. This is a late-ripening variety but if you are patient you will find Kiowa available later this month.

Another great way to experience the farm is take one of our Saturday tours. The weather is usually stellar and because so much is happening a lot of people make this an annual holiday event for their family. Check out times on our web site.