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In the Pecan Orchard: November 2016

By Andy Sherrod, Orchard Manager

For those of us at Royalty Pecan Farms, November has a certain “feel,” and I’m not talking about the cooler weather. I’m talking about Harvest.

For many people there’s a certain romanticism associated with the fall season: pumpkins, cool weather, rich earth tones, and amber leaves peppered with bright yellow and orange accents. Fall also brings us into the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving, my personal favorite, which highlights our Colonial heritage and a corresponding attitude of thanks to our Creator.

The folks at Royalty Pecan Farms all share these sentiments as well as some additional ones. For us, the fall season also means long work days and longer work weeks that cause us to sleep more deeply at night. For the pecan orchard, fall is when the lush green foliage of the tree canopy turns a golden brown, signifying that the trees are also falling into a deep and restful slumber after a long growing season. Harvest is the time we’ve worked for all year long … literally, we’ve been working for this since January, and we want to share it with you.

Not only do we offer orchard tours every Saturday, we also kick off the season with our Annual Royalty Pecan Harvest Festival every November. This year the Harvest Festival is on November 5.

Our new crop is coming in daily, and the quality couldn’t be better. Visit our online store or come on out to the farm and relax on the back porch with a glass of tea or Texas wine. Crack some fresh inshell pecans, sample our roasted and flavored pecans, have a slice of handmade pecan pie, and revel in the nostalgic “feel” of the Harvest Season at Royalty Pecan Farms.

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