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By Andy Sherrod, Orchard Manager

Pecan harvest is in full swing. Trailer loads of pecans are being pulled by tractors up the hill to the cleaning plant. By now everyone knows what their job is and they do it well. Even if you’ve been to the farm before and taken a tour of the orchard, make plans to come again, because a lot is happening in November. Visitors during Harvest Season often get to watch equipment operating and see exactly how the process takes place.

So what is the process?

Shaker (1) Harvesting at Royalty Pecan Farms Processing-Inshell-Pecans

First, the pecans have to be shaken out of the tree. The three-wheel machine that does the job is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Next, the pecans along with the leaves, sticks, and dirt clods are swept into a long wind row using a machine like you’ve never seen before. Finally, the whole wind row is picked up and the leaves are blown out while the pecans are conveyed into a trailer. Did I mention that it’s done using a machine like you’ve never seen before?

Those trailers come to the barn where the pecans are separated from sticks, shucks, and dirt clods using a series of screens and blowers. After being sanitized and dried the pecans are visually inspected and separated by grade then sized. From there some of the pecans go across the parking lot to our retail store and some go across the country to wholesale buyers. Some will even go across the ocean.

We work hard the rest of the year to get the pecans to this point. All our hard work comes down to the month of November.

Come out and see it for yourself.

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