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What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm


This year’s pecan Growing Season is going well so far! According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the official first day of summer in 2014 is June 21. According to our Orchard Manager, June is also the time when young pecan clusters are expanding, so the trees are in need of plenty of water, food, and sunlight to keep them happy and healthy. Summer in Texas means many days of hot temperatures. The heat alone can cause stress on the trees, but it can also cause water to evaporate quickly. Luckily, the Brazos Valley area has seen a good amount of rainfall lately. In fact, the orchard got over 7.5 inches of rain just in the last few weeks!

Rainfall-Texas-Orchard-Royalty-Pecans Pecan-Cluster-Nutlet-Royalty-Pecan-Farms-Sm

We’re hoping the rain we’ve enjoyed this spring will continue through the rest of summer. Our buried drip irrigation will be used as needed to keep the trees from experiencing too much stress while they work hard to develop the pecan clusters. We’ll keep checking on them and making sure they have what they need to produce a healthy crop of delicious, nutritious Royalty Pecans in the fall!

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