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What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm

  • Nutlets are continuing to grow
  • We’re irrigating the orchard
  • We’re distributing fertilizer on the leaves
  • We’re Monitoring for pests

The photo on the left shows shows a cluster of nutlets that will develop into delicious pecans as long as we continue to care for them. Water is still important, so our irrigation installation continues.

It’s also important to give the pecan trees the nutrients they need to be full and healthy. One way to manage that is by distributing fertilizer. We’re currently spraying zinc, which is critical for leaf expansion. We use a foliar spray, rather than spreading fertilizer on the ground. We spray the zinc onto the leaves because that allows it to penetrate the small pores in the leaves. The plant can then transport the nutrients to where they need to go.

What are you doing this month to care for your own gardens, flowers, shrubbery, etc.?

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