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What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm

Royalty Pecan Farms | Orchard in July | Growing Pecan Clusters

Our main goal this month is to keep the trees healthy and stress free while they work hard to grow a new crop of pecans. Water is extremely important, especially during these hot, dry summer days. If we don’t have enough rainfall, we’ll need to supplement with irrigation.

The bulk of our irrigation system is unseen. Drip tubing is buried fifteen inches deep, placing the water exactly where the trees need it, so there’s no unnecessary waste through percolation or evaporation.

Royalty Pecan Farms | Orchard in July | Buried Drip Irrigation

Royalty Pecan Farms | Orchard in July | Pecan Tree Sunset

Some people mistakenly think pecans can draw water from very deep through their tap root, making them resistant to drought conditions. In fact, very little if any water is taken up through the tap root.

Water movement into any plant is accomplished by a process called evapotransporation. That is, as water evaporates out of the leaves into the atmosphere, more water is taken up into the plant by the roots from the soil. Think of it as a giant straw – water moves in through the roots as water moves out through the leaves.

Royalty Pecan Farms Orchard in July

Royalty Pecan Farms | Orchard in July | Growing Pecan Clusters

Upcoming Events at Royalty Pecan Farms

Also happening this month is the Texas Pecan Growers Annual Conference and Trade Show, which will be held in College Station this year. We’re happy to be hosting some of the conference visitors at Royalty Pecan Farms for a private dinner and concert.

Since they’ve been so popular, we’re continuing our Orchard Tours every Saturday at 12:30 where you can see everything up close, ask questions, and experience the farm!

If you enjoy wine, you should stay for FREE wine tasting on Saturdays in July from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Choose a flight of three from our selection of Texas wines.

Royalty Pecan Farms Veranda Orchard View