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What’s Happening on the Pecan FarmRoyalty Pecan Farms - July - Irrigation

  • Foliage is completely expanded
  • Pecan nutlets begin to increase rapidly in size.
  • Irrigation increases now that spring rains are over.
  • We’re monitoring the trees and maintaining the orchard.

Our main concern this time of year is that the pecan trees get plenty of water. We’re also still monitoring for pests, mowing, and performing any farm maintenance needed.

Fortunately, rainfall has been a little more plentiful than last year. This is good, since a mature pecan tree can use 150 to 200 gallons of water each day during the peak of summer.

Most of our orchard is irrigated by buried drip. This delivers water right to the root zone, about fifteen inches deep. Some people mistakenly think pecans can draw water from very deep through their tap root, making them resistant to drought conditions. In fact, very little (if any) water is taken up through the tap root.

Royalty Pecan Farms - July

Royalty Pecan Farms - July - Pecan Clusters Royalty Pecan Farms - July - Pecan Clusters

As you can see, the developing pecan clusters are looking good. The young Pawnee trees we have in front of the Welcome Center are also maturing nicely. We’re looking forward to harvesting them in a few years!

Royalty Pecan Farms - July - Young Pawnee