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Spraying herbicide on grass so tree roots can absorb more water

What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm

  • Mowing and cleaning the orchard floor
  • Irrigating and fertilizing through the drip system
  • Reducing stress on the trees as much as possible

Right now, the pecans are still in the growing stage. It’s crucial that we minimize the amount of stress the trees experience while they’re trying to produce and nurture growing pecan clusters. The hot Texas summer, especially when there’s a drought, can be very stressful for the trees. As always, we can help by making sure the trees have enough water, sunlight, and nutrients.

One way to make sure the trees have water and food is to reduce the competition between the ground cover and the trees. The photos above and to the right show herbicide being sprayed on the grass between the orchard rows. Over the next couple of weeks, the grass will stop growing there, and the water and fertilizer from the drip system can then be devoted to the pecan trees.

Along with maintaining and cleaning the orchard floor, we’re feeding the trees by distributing nitrogen through the drip system into the root zone. All plants need nitrogen to maintain healthy, deep green foliage. We’ll also be continuing the zinc foliar spray we talked about last month.

We’re working hard to make sure the trees produce another great crop for you this year!