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By Andy Sherrod, Orchard Manager

If you go back and read the November blog post you can almost say “Ditto” for December. Harvest is still going strong this month, and you have a pretty good chance of seeing the harvest equipment operating if you take one of the four orchard tours offered every Saturday from now until Christmas. Check out the times right here on our web site. The Cleaning Plant is also full of pecans to be cleaned and graded (see photos below).

But one thing is different in the orchard this month. Normally pecan trees don’t exhibit the dramatic fall leaf color that red oaks or Chinaberry trees do. However, because winter has crept in this year the pecan leaves are attractive (for a pecan tree), and they are hanging on the trees longer than usual. That’s a good thing.

The longer the leaves remain, the more food they are producing through photosynthesis. Granted, they aren’t producing much food right now but every little bit helps the trees go dormant in a healthier state in preparation for next year’s crop.

So keep us mind this Christmas season and bring your out-of-town guests out to the farm. Even though it’s winter, there is still a lot to see at Royalty Pecan Farms.