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What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm

Cleaning and Processing Plant at Royalty Pecan Farms

  • Harvest season continues!
  • Still shaking trees and bringing fresh pecans to the cleaning plant.
  • Sorting, grading, drying, and getting pecans ready to eat.

During harvest season, we have work to do out in the orchard and work to do at the cleaning plant. After we shake the trees and gather up the pecans, we bring them to the plant to be cleaned, dried, sorted, graded, and prepped for sale.

Before our pecans are ready to eat and enjoy, we put them through several sorting processes to separate the premium grade from the not so premium. Some of our pecans are sold as wholesale, but we sell only the premium, #1 grade, cream of the crop pecans in our gift shop and online store.

First we remove all the sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris that was picked up by the harvester. The pecans are also sorted by weight and size.

Another important step is to clean and sanitize the pecans and put them in large drying bins. Ambient air is blown into the drying bins to get the pecan kernel moisture down to about 4%.

Some of the inshell pecans are then sent to a shelling plant, where they’re turned into beautiful, golden premium halves and pieces.

For information about the different pecan varieties we have, click here to check out our FAQ page.

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