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What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm

Our-Pecans-In-August-Royalty-Pecan-Farms       Our-Pecans-In-August-Royalty-Pecan-Farms


The pecans are looking good! There are some good sized clusters in the orchard these days, but the Growing Season isn’t over yet.

Over the next couple of months, nut expansion will continue until the pecans are fully grown. They’re still vulnerable right now, because the pecan meats and shells aren’t completely developed yet.

We’ll keep irrigating as needed and monitoring the trees. We’ll also start preparing the Cleaning Plant for the upcoming Harvest Season by clearing out any clutter and inspecting all the equipment.

Even though the pecans aren’t ready to harvest, there’s always plenty of work to do!

Royalty Pecan Farms Orchard in Early AugustOur-Pecans-In-August-Royalty-Pecan-Farms