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Royalty Pecan Farms Aerial View

What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm

  • Water is critical during the hot days of August.
  • Nut expansion is over and kernel filling begins.
  • Demands on the trees are at their peak.
  • We continue to mow the orchard floor to reduce grass competition for available soil moisture.

Royalty Pecan Farms August ClusterIn July, the water the trees take up expands the size of the nuts. If there’s not enough water, the size will be small. In August, the water intake is devoted to expanding the size of the kernel inside the expanded nut.

During the growing season, the overall size of the nut, including the shuck, expands first. Early in the development of the pecan clusters, the green shucks are filled with a watery substance. During August, that watery substance gradually begins to solidify and become the pecan kernel. Then the shell hardens.

In Texas, the hot days and nights usually reach their peak in August. What little rain falls evaporates quickly or is rapidly taken up by the trees. We’ll continue to irrigate as needed.

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